Baby Heidi a bit of you

Baby Heidi's world

Baby Heidi has just been born. She’s come into the world to help Moms and Dads pass the love of nature, friendship and joy that Heidi shared with them when they were little, onto the next generation.

Through traditional and funny songs, filled with joy and tenderness, Baby Heidi will teach babies to recognize the world they live in, in line with Heidi’s signature message of kindness and love. Baby Heidi’s songs are a unique opportunity for parents to build strong bonds with their babies as the whole family can sing along and enjoy the tender animation style.

Baby Heidi’s website will publish weekly advice that supports moms and dads during pregnancy and in the first few months after baby’s arrival. It always sends a clear message of respect for nature and the environment. It acts like a close friend’s advice and is as valuable as our happiest childhood memories of Heidi.